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Areas of our expertise

  • Recruiting
  • Consulting
  • HR Development
  • Business Psychology
  • Advising

We work with

  • IT
  • GameDev
  • WEB 3.0
  • Digital Marketing
  • FinTech
  • Business of PRO people
  • Search for opportunities, not threats
  • Flexible approach to solving a client's request
  • Long-term cooperation is a priority over quick profits
  • Partnerships and collaborations
  • Meeting the needs of the client's business, not filling an open position
  • Innovative HR services available 24/7
  • 8+

    years on the market

  • 6+

    years of experience in Blockchain

  • 800+

    closed vacancies

  • 500+

    interview in a month

  • 94%

    average customer CSI

  • 96%

    average customer NPS


To launch and integrate the world's first HR metauniverse into the business

  • Photo's Irina

    Irіna MI

    СЕО & Founder MI Agency

    Career Coach and Business Psychologist. Has over her shoulders more than 8 years of experience in the HR-sphere.

    Before starting a successful career, Irina, as a student, actively developed in the field of psychology. She had an internship at a psychiatric hospital and a military hospital in the psychiatry department, and in 2016 she won first place at the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Medical Psychology and Psychiatry among 190 universities. And before founding an HR agency, she had experience as an HR director in large companies.

    Today Iryna is a brand in the field of psychology and HR with her own team of professionals, which has been working every day for more than 8 years in order to quickly and efficiently fill various types of technical positions for IT companies and Blockchain projects. As well as developing of HR strategies, our team also provide consulting services business and regularly conducts business for trainings.

  • Photo's Anastasia


    Chief Operating Officer

    Chief Operating Officer and cybernetician. She has been working for MI Agency since the agency was founded, starting as a recruiter.

    Nastya always helps clients get answers to all questions and resolve difficulties, as well as coordinates the work of the team and develops financial models for MI Agency and Customers.

    The mathematical composition of the mind and the education of cybernetics helps her to calculate mathematical formulas and control all systems.

  • Photo's Maria


    Chief Customer Officer

    Maria started her career in the company from the position of a recruiter, and in less than a second time she pushed herself up to the position of CCO.

    Today Mary is engaged in communications with clients and partners of the company.

    Maria is aware of all the remaining trends in the world of HR and IT and the beginning of any communication with our clients and partners is always effective and proactive for both parties.

  • Photo's Tatiana


    Head of Recruiting

    A certified psychologist, Tanya always wanted to work with people, and later it became clear that this will be clearly the area of recruitment and HR.

    Tatiana joined the MI team in August 2020 and currently she is Head of Recruitment and Business Psychology.

    As a recruiter, Tanya works mainly with marketing, IT and blockchain. In marketing, she closes vacancies with C-level specialists, and in IT she works with Middle, Senior levels.

    Tanya’s business psychologist responsibilities is conducting psychological audits of companies, laying out what to do in the field of interpersonal and business relations in a team, drawing up detailed psychological portraits and developing a number of recommendations. This gives customers a clearer understanding of how to build communication with dedicated people to make their operations even more effective.

  • Photo's Daria


    Team Leader in Recruiting Department

    The nicest recruiter in the team. Department of hugs, loud laughter and emotional love since June 2021.

    In half a year Dasha grew up from the position of recruiter to HR Generalist.

    This fragile girl easily covers the business needs of new cool talented employees.

    Her goal is to find a job for the candidate and a first-class employee for the Company. Dasha always says that when a person finds a job to his heart, she becomes happy and highly efficient. Our task is to find such people and unite them with the right companies

  • Photo's Valeria


    Marketing Manager

    More than 2 years of experience in the field of SMM. Responsible for marketing in the agency. Together with MI Agency, he builds marketing strategies and implements them, promotes the agency’s social networks, generates ideas and creates a creative atmosphere in the team.

  • Photo's Irina
    Irina MI
    СЕО & Founder
  • Photo's Anastasia
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Photo's Maria
    Chief Customer Officer
  • Photo's Tatiana
    Head of Recruiting
  • Photo's Daria
    Team Leader in Recruiting Department
  • Photo's Nastya
    Marketing Manager

Why MI?

  • Saving


    We find candidates with optimal salary expectations to optimize the Client’s budget

  • Pay

    Pay only for the result

    We receive payment for our services only upon the candidate’s employment

  • Replacement guarantee

    Replacement guarantee

    We guarantee free replacement of our candidates and prescribe it in the contract


  • Recruitment

    Search, evaluation and selection of specialists who have the required competencies and share the Company's values.

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  • HRD outsourced

    A package of services that optimize all HR processes of your Company.

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  • Business psychologist

    A package of services that allows you to identify and solve psychological requests of employees and normalize the atmosphere and relations within the team

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  • Business advising

    Conducting work with departments as an advisor with the aim of forming sustainable and efficient business processes, for the correct payback of departments, as well as optimization of the staff of departments and reduction of the expendable part.

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  • Phillip

    Senior Level Artist

  • Rodrigo

    Senior 3D Artist

  • Shyngys

    Senior Full-Stack developer

  • Andrey

    CEO&Founder Marketing agency «SVET»

  • Christina


  • Max

    Assistant managing trader

  • Kirill

    Digital Marketer

  • Anna

    HR Generalist

Our cases

  • Weway
    NDA WEB3 project
    Head of Sales department
    It took less than one month to our recruiters to find the perfect candidate, taking into account the time for candidates to complete test tasks.
    Three candidates were found with experience in managing sales departments in crypto projects.
    • 3+ years of experience as a Head of Sales Department; Experience in building a sales department from the scratch
    • Knowledge of sales management techniques and sales psychology
    • Ability to organize the work of the department, set KPIs
    • Ability to analyze market and competitors' performance
    • Ability to analyze and work with large amounts of information
    • English — Upper-Intermediate
    • Result orientation, diplomatic impudence, the ability to negotiate effectively and think strategically
    • Experience in crypto projects
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HRD outsourced
  • Farcana
    NDA GameDev project
    Full HR support of the agency, development and implementation of HR processes
    Time to work on the project — 3 months.
    The MI Agency team has developed the following HR processes for Game Dev project:
    • Psychological audit of company employees.
    • Audit of the company’s HR processes.
    • Analysis and optimization of the organizational structure of the Company
    • Development and implementation of a system of material and non-material motivation
    • Development and implementation of the corporate culture of the company
    • Development and implementation of HR strategy
    • Development and implementation of a personnel training system in the Company
    • Development and implementation of Job profile for all employees
    • Development and implementation of a personnel retention system
    • Development and implementation of the onboarding and offboarding system
    • Conclusion of the SEA on operational activities
    • Consulting CEO and C-level specialists
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