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Business advising
  • WeWay
    NDA WEB3 project
    Hiring, onboarding and further advising HR Generalist
    HR Generalist was found in less than a month, advising was carried out for 2 months.
    • An experienced HR Generalist who fully met the customer's conditions was found;
    • KPI indicators for HR Generalist were developed and implemented;
    • HR processes of the company were developed and implemented;
    • Business processes were developed and implemented in the company;
    • Once a week, sessions were held with the HR Generalist regarding the constructed Roadmap and current issues.
  • SVET
    Hiring a recruiter with understanding and a desire to develop within the company in the HR direction and further provision of HR advising services from our side.
    • An experienced recruiter with minimal experience in HR was found, who fits perfectly into the company's corporate culture.
    • After the company entered into cooperation with the candidate, the manager's request was analyzed, the goals to be achieved as part of advising were determined, and a detailed Road Map was written for three months.
    • The Road Map included the analysis of existing HR processes, their optimization and the development of missing ones.
    • During three months, regular meetings with HR were held once a week and we moved together along the prepared Road Map, also HR could turn to the advisor at any time for any request, the same possibility remained after three months.
    • Within the framework of advising, the existing HR processes were optimized, the company's business processes were updated and developed, and the level of loyalty to the new HR was increased.

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