Our cases

  • FINTECH startup (NDA)
    FINTECH startup (NDA)
    Full-stack Developer in an office in Kyiv
    In less than 2 weeks, we found the perfect candidate for the position
    More than 3 candidates with relevant experience were found
    • Experience in development of 5+ years;
    • Work experience in the position of Fullstack Dev;
    • Experience with JavaScript;
    • MERN stack: MongoDB, Express, React JS, Node JS;
    • Skills for working with AWS (EC2, CloudFront CDN, S3) + Docker;
    • Project management from start to finish;
    • The possibility of conducting an internal audit of the code;
    • Work experience as a team leader;
    • The concept of API key operation;
    • Skills of training new employees;
    • Experience in startups;
    • Creation of project organizational processes;
    • Experience in fintech will be a plus;
    • Professional portfolio with successful cases;
    • English: B2.
  • The Kaif Platform
    The Kaif Platform is a community-driven platform that connects companies and brands with their audiences.
    Business Development Manager
    The vacancy was closed in 3 weeks of active work
    More than 6 target candidates were found and one but ideal specialist was selected
    • B2B sales experience in the field of online products and services - 2+ years;
    • Experience working with partners/investors - 2+ years;
    • Practical knowledge of CRM systems;
    • Ability to communicate well both in correspondence and orally;
    • Ability to negotiate at the level of C-level specialists;
    • Knowledge of the stages of negotiations and the ability to apply them in practice;
    • English at level B2 and above;
    • Skills for developing long-term business relationships;
    • Ability to work in a remote team;
    • The ability to work with the client's hidden needs, identify clear needs, and create an actual offer.
    • Crypto experience will be a plus;
    • Knowledge of the stages of development of crypto projects from idea to completed project will be a plus;
    • ️Availability of higher education in the direction of business;
    • Proactivity, high communication skills.
  • Option 1 Event
    Option 1 Event
    Unity Developer
    1 month to choose a candidate and 1 month to move.
    7 candidates found, 2 completed the test task, 1 candidate received an offer and moved from Pakistan to Dubai
    • 4-5 years of experience working with Unity Development in the AR/VR space;
    • 3+ years of experience working with Python, C, C++ or C#, SQL;
    • Excellent understanding of software engineering principles;
    • Knowledge of mobile, web and PC optimization
    • Good understanding of development and architecture of asynchronous and multi-threaded applications;
    • Direct experience with game logic, particle systems, client-server communication scenarios.
    • Basic knowledge of 3D modeling software (Maya, 3D Max or Blender);
    • Knowledge of 3JS or A-frame libraries for 3D web development;
    • Experience in API integration and functionality of third-party equipment;
    • A clear understanding of gameplay and creating fun and engaging experiences.
  • KitRUM
    KitRUM is a one-stop custom software development company headquartered in sunny Florida with development centers in Ukraine.
    CEO Assistant
    It took up to 2 weeks to our recruiters to find the perfect candidate.
    Our recruiters found four candidates from IT companies with all the necessary competencies and soft skills.
    • Experience in a similar position 1+ years
    • Skills for working with Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets
    • Competent oral and written communication
    • The ability to competently compose and fill out documents
    • Experience of working with a large volume of data
    • Time-management skills
    • Skills to search for information using Google
    • English Intermediate and above
  • Weway
    NDA WEB3 project
    Head of Sales department
    It took less than one month to our recruiters to find the perfect candidate, taking into account the time for candidates to complete test tasks.
    Three candidates were found with experience in managing sales departments in crypto projects.
    • 3+ years of experience as a Head of Sales Department; Experience in building a sales department from the scratch
    • Knowledge of sales management techniques and sales psychology
    • Ability to organize the work of the department, set KPIs
    • Ability to analyze market and competitors' performance
    • Ability to analyze and work with large amounts of information
    • English — Upper-Intermediate
    • Result orientation, diplomatic impudence, the ability to negotiate effectively and think strategically
    • Experience in crypto projects
  • Game dev
    Game Dev project, a shooter with battle royale mode, backed by the patented deflation Play-to-Hash economic model based on real Bitcoin mining power. It connects the Web2 gaming quality with the Web3 economy and technologies.
    Game Developer
    It took about one month to our recruiters to find the perfect candidate.
    A candidate was found with about 12 years of experience in the gaming industry, technical skill: C ++, 8 years of experience with the Unreal engine, which was key for the customer. MI Agency recruiters reduced candidates expectations in 50% from first month
    • Good knowledge of C++/BluePrints in the context of UE4
    • Experience in the commercial development of multiplayer projects
    • Experience in working with Git version control systems
    • Knowledge of optimization methods
  • Everest
    Everest Media is a large product company with 200+ production servers.
    Middle + DevOps Engineer
    It took less than a month for our recruiters to find the perfect candidate.
    A candidate with more than 3 years of experience in the position of DevOps Engineer, who has all the necessary competencies, was found. The candidate has been working since January 2022 — until now.
    • Knowledge of Linux (CentOS / Fedora / Ubuntu)
    • Ability to write scripts for automation (Bash)
    • Experience with Docker / Containerization
    • Experience with Ansible / Chef / Puppet
    • Experience in setting up CI / CD pipelines
  • Cryptocurrency
    Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund (NDA)
    Assistant Managing Trader
    In less than a month, the candidate received an offer and in a month and a half, the candidate moved to Montenegro.
    A candidate with the experience of a trader in a cryptocurrency hedge fund who meets the above requirements and is ready to relocate to Montenegro, which has been operating since October 2021, has been found.
    • Experience in trading in different segments of the financial market
    • Presence of successful, proven experience in portfolio management and trade statistics for the previous period
    • Experience with data and information
    • Availability of critical, systematic and analytical thinking
    • Ability to find and highlight important and necessary information, and work on a specific, measurable result
    • Level of English — Upper-Intermediate
    • Relocate to Montenegro
  • SoftCraft
    SoftKraft — Polish company that implements software projects and expands customer teams.
    Senior React Developer
    It took less than 3 weeks for our recruiters to find the perfect candidate.
    A candidate was found with all the necessary competencies and soft skills.
    • 4+ years of experience with Javascript development
    • Very good knowledge of TypeScript
    • Broad experience with REST APIs ️
    • ️Proficiency with React, Redux, styled-components
    • Ability to transform design requirements into an actual layout
    • Advanced responsive/cross browsing CSS and HTML
    • Advanced level of English
  • NuggClub
    NuggClub is one of the most innovative startups in America, featured in Forbes, LA Times, Esquire and Dieline.
    Senior UI/UX Designer
    It took less than a month for our recruiters to find the perfect candidate.
    A candidate with more than 10 years of experience in UI / UX design with the strongest portfolio, who has all the necessary competencies and with the level of English — Advanced, was found. The candidate has been working since December 2021 — until now.
    • 5+ years of experience as a UI / UX designer in digital products / services
    • Strong portfolio of professional UI / UX design work for both websites and mobile platforms
    • Advanced knowledge of the following technologies and software: Sketch, InVision, HTML, CSS (SCSS), Design Systems and Adobe Creative Suite ️
    • Level of English — Advanced

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