Psychological audit

Business psychologist

A list of services that allows you to identify and solve the psychological needs of employees and normalize the atmosphere and relationships in the team


List of services

    • Psychological audit of the team
    • Conducting one-to-one sessions with each audit participant
    • Determination of the stage of the company’s development and blind spots that slow down the transition to the next level of development
    • Dealing with individual requests of C-level specialists and providing recommendations
    • Providing recommendations to the Founder / CEO regarding the development of the company at a certain stage, as well as on the management of each C-level specialist
    • Providing recommendations to the HR team regarding the planning and management of the company’s human resources
    • Psychological consultation and coaching session from the CEO of MI Agency

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CEO & Founder MI Agency, Business psychologist

Irina MI

CEO & Founder MI Agency, Business psychologist

Final product

  • Built-in, unified system of beliefs of employees that meets the requirements and needs of the company

  • High level of loyalty to the Company, thanks to the psychological comfort of employees

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